Thursday, October 5, 2017

“Monstrously Good” Bath Time for Kids

 Being mom of 2 boys, I am always on the go and I know important of taking of children for their well being. Now every parents would be concern about their health, education and lifestyles. Skin care products for children and adults are different therefore we cannot give children to use adult skincare products.

Buds Organics is changing the conversation around bath time with their newly launched organic ‘Buds for Kids’ range, now with a brand new look. Along with the addition of two new fruity shower gel scents, Raspberry and Tutty Fruity, comes entirely new packaging featuring four adorable new fuzzy monsters, guaranteed to make bath time a fun and memorable experience for kids.

Buds Organics: A Labour of Love
Unbeknownst to many, Buds Organics is a homegrown Malaysian brand born from a loving parent’s passion to protect his kids from all the harmful chemicals out there. Made by parents for parents, it originated from the home kitchen of founder Soo Kian Kheng, who was a chemical engineer prior to starting up Buds Organics with his sister, Soo Siew Peng. Buds Organics first started from Buds Baby, a line of products that Mr. Soo lovingly created for his baby. As his kids grew up, so did Buds Baby and eventually Buds for Kids was created.

“When I saw my children suffering from sensitive skin, I knew that I couldn’t stand around doing nothing. I took it upon myself to come up with a new formula, perfectly and completely safe for my children. I understood the difficulties that parents faced in finding good bath time products which would not aggravate their children’s sensitive skin and therefore I decided to introduce Buds Organics to the world,” said Mr. Soo at the Buds for Kids launch.

Mr. Soo added that some parents do not realise the harm that they are putting their kids through. A majority of parents are not aware that conventional cleaning products contain chemicals which are too harsh for young babies and children. This leads to parents allowing their kids to use adult shower gels thus unintentionally exposing them to harsh chemicals from a very young age.

Buds Organics makes it their priority to bring parents’ attention to their children’s sensitive skin, therefore Dr. Amir Hamzah Dato’ Abdul Latif, was invited to the launch to shed some light on the topic of children’s skin. Dr. Amir is the Head of Allergy & Immunology Centre, Pantai Hospital, and the President of Malaysian Society of Allergy and Immunology (MSAI). He explained that children and babies have more delicate skin which is up to 30% thinner than adults’ skin, making them more susceptible to external irritants. “Prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals contained in commercial shower gels or fragrances could possibly lead to rashes, allergic reactions, and even eczema in children. To avoid such reactions, special care has to be taken in choosing shower gels and shampoos for children,” Dr. Amir emphasised.

Understanding Labels: No More Nasties
In order to bring to attention all the ‘nasties’ hiding in conventional cleaning products, Buds Organics encourages parents to have a proper look at the ingredient labels at the back of shower gel and shampoo bottles. Ingredient lists are usually ignored by consumers as the long lists of fancy, scientific names come off as intimidating and make little sense. One of the chemicals which was brought to attention was ‘Sodium Lauryl Sulfate’, usually disguised as ‘SLS’, a common chemical found in most cleaning products like shampoo, soap, shower gels, detergents, mouthwash, and toothpaste. It has corrosive properties (which is why it is used in floor and dish detergents!) and is a proven skin and eye irritant.

ECOCERT: A Promise to Parents
So strong was Buds Organics’ dedication towards protecting children from harmful chemicals that they would stop at nothing to reassure parents that their products were fully and truly organic. Mr. Soo willingly puts Buds Organics through extremely stringent checks twice a year by ECOCERT - one of the most recognised organic certification bodies in the world. Submission to ECOCERT is a promise to parents that Buds Organics products contain a minimum of 95% certified-organic plant based ingredients. For instance, instead of using artificial perfume to fragrance the shampoos and shower gels, only the purest natural essential oils are used. Buds Organics was the first Asian brand to be recognised by ECOCERT to have a full range of certified organic personal skin and hair care products.

One such parent whose life has been touched by Buds Organics was guest speaker Mary Anne Loh, founder of Wishing Star Malaysia, a platform where members of the public come together to realise the wishes and bucket lists of kids with terminal diseases.

During the launch, she showed her unwavering support for Buds throughout the years and how Buds has been with her kids especially through all their challenges with severe skin sensitivity. “Both my sons used to suffer from really sensitive skin. Their conditions have now gotten much better than before and for that I have Buds to thank. Buds is every bit as mild and safe as they said they would be,” shared Mary Anne at the launch. Since then, her children have graduated from Buds Baby and moved on to Buds for Kids. As she has seen first-hand the effects of harsh conventional shower gels on her children’s sensitive skin, she has become a strong voice in urging parents to be more attentive to the nasty chemicals hiding in their children’s bath time products.

Children from Wishing Star were invited by Buds Organics to join in the fun and spend the day at KidZania. These cancer warriors are fighting a huge battle of their own, and while there is no way we can come close to understanding their struggles, Buds Organics was happy to help in this small way to allow them forget their worries even if it was just for a few hours.

‘Name The Monster’ Contest
In celebration of their new look, Buds for Kids is inviting children to get to know their four new furry monsters. As of now, the monsters have not been named yet and have requested that their friends, the children, be the ones to give them new names. Buds for Kids will therefore be holding a contest
via Facebook to allow kids to name all four of the monsters featured on the product bottles from 28 September 2017 to 31 October 2017.

Where to get Buds for Kids?
Buds for Kids is available for purchase at leading chain pharmacies such as Guardian, Caring and other independent pharmacies as well. Also available at Mothercare, Robinsons, selected Parkson stores, baby boutiques, and online stores.

‘Buds for Kids’ Full Range:
• Lavender Shower Gel 350ml - RM51.83
• Lavender Shampoo 350ml - RM66.67
• Lavender Conditioner 100ml - RM42.29
• Orange Shower Gel 350ml - RM51.83
• Orange Shampoo 350ml - RM66.67
• Orange Conditioner 100ml - RM42.29
• Raspberry Shower Gel 350ml - RM51.83
• Tutty Fruity Shower Gel 350ml- RM51.83
• Orange Travel Set - RM27.45
• Lavender Travel Set - RM27.45

Now you know where to shop for gift products for loved ones, and it's a nice gift for Christmas too. 

For the latest updates and more information, please visit Buds’ official homepage or and Facebook page [].

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sungei Wang Lantern Fun Park


Sungei Wang celebrates it's 40th anniversary and Mid-Autumn Festival with a blast from the past showcasing the glamour of the 1970s era from now til 4 October 2017. So now you can start planning your weekends.

BB Park was the entertainment hub with singing stage, fun fair and theatre, it is the place for fun games and glamour shows. This Mid-Autumn, Sungei Wang reminisces the BB Park glamour era by transforming the mall back to 1970s. Walking through the Sungei Wang Walk, shoppers can soak into the festive mood with family and friends with glittering lightbulbs and lanterns.

A giant gramophone sits facing Jalan Sultan Ismail together with the signature Sungei Wang Lantern Park arh to greet the shoppers. As you step into the Centre Court, a two-level theatre backed with a gigantic ferris wheels set as main stage where the launch, performances and activities are to take place.

The Mid-Autumn musical happening on the 16, 17, 22 and 23 September 2017.

A series of interactive decorations such as the retrostage, riscksaw, 70s street setting with seating can be found around the Centre Court for shoppers to take photos.

The celebration with the grand Sungei Wang Lantern Parade on 30 September together with foreign artist , 988 DJs and a hundred dance troupes circulating Bukit Bintang area.

On September 15, Ms. Yuen May Chee, Complex Manager of Sungei Wang during the light up ceremony of Sungei Wang Lantern Fun Park, also officiate the celebrations as well as unveil the charity box for donation drive. The launch was not hyped with a roaring lion dance performance but the highlight of the Sungei Wang Lantern Fun Park Mid-Autumn Musical was also performed to entice the crowd on the upcoming musical. Fans were also entertained by stage appearance of popular band Mad August and local celebrity Ruby Yap. Sungei Wang Lantern Parade 30 September 2017 Step into the third year since it started, Sungei Wang Lantern Parade will be happening on 30 September 2017 and will grace with the grace with the artistes apperance of Miu Chu, popular singer from Taiwan, local renown band & Ruby Yap, the new and upcoming singer from Malaysia. The official radi, 988 will have six of their radio announcers coming join the parade as well.

Do not miss a chance to walk the parade with Sam, Jason, Cheryl, Danny, Cassey Soo and Mike where they will be hosting some games with their fans as well.

The highlight of the prizes from the games will be 1 night stay at Oasia Suites Kuala Lumpur for two winners.
On the parade day, do your bid for charity and donate a minimum of RM1 for a lantern for the charity fundraising campaign "A New Home, A New Hope" for Padmasambhava Children Loving Association Klang Selangor. “A New Home, A New Hope” Charity Drive Not forgetting the less fortunate during the times of celebration, Sungei Wang together with Youth Dreamssinitiates “A New Home, A New Hope” Charity Drive to raise funds for Padmasambhava Children Loving AssociationKlang Selangor .

The orphanage home is currently occupying an ill-suitedshop lot and is in urgent need of a new home.
The "A New Home, A New Hope" Donation Box is placed at the concourse Floor for donations . Public are encourage to donate generously to help them secure their new home as soon as possible.

Sungei Wang Lantern Redemption Bring home with an exclusive Sungei Wang Lantern together and I Love Yoo! Voucher, just spend a minimum of RM160 in any outlets in Sungei Wang or a minimum of RM100 at Lantern Market hall (both in a maximum of 2 accumulated receipts) to be entitled for this redemption.

Group Photos with the VIPS on stage
 Parents if you have no plan on what to do, check out the interesting fun games on the Magnum's interactive games booth at the centre court on 23,24, 30 September and 1 October 2017.

You can signup your kids for free arts and crafts workshop during the weekends. Register at Customer Service Counter at LG Floor for Retro Lantern Drawing,
Oriental Hand Fan Drawing and Chinese Mini Umbrella Painting.
 Limited Seats available so do sign up early!

Friday, September 15, 2017

4 Tips for Choosing Tonight's Restaurant

You're ready to hit the town and enjoy some grub. But where should you go? With hundreds of restaurants, cafes, bistros and diners all demanding your attention in the city lights, it can be difficult to choose the one place where you'll be spending your evening. Here are just a few tips for narrowing down your options and finding somewhere nice.

1. Identify Your Cravings

Maybe you're in the mood for Italian. Maybe you're dying for something salty. Maybe you're willing to eat anything as long as it fits within your budget! There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to what you're craving; the key is figuring out what you're craving in the first place. When your friend asks you where you want to go, don't just shrug and say "anywhere." Give them a personal preference to help them make a decision.

2. Whip Out Your Smartphone

The 21st century makes it easy to compare and contrast restaurants. All you have to do is plug something like "seafood in Plano TX" into a search engine to find eating establishments that fit your criteria. You can also read reviews, look at pictures and check food safety reports for your chosen establishment. By the time that you actually arrive, you'll feel like you've already been there!

3. Browse Their Menu

This can be done both in-person and on your phone. The latter is more convenient, of course, but not all restaurants offer their entire selection on the web, so it might be necessary to physically visit their location. You can ask for a menu while you're waiting for your party to be seated. That way, you'll know right off the bat if there's anything on the menu that intrigues you.

4. Consider Its Freshness

This is especially important if you're in the mood for seafood. You'll want a restaurant that either catches its own fish or receives daily shipments straight from the docks. Don't be afraid to call and ask if this information isn't available on their website! You might also inquire about the freshness of their fruits, vegetables and other perishables. The restaurant should be more than happy to answer questions from a potential customer.

These are four ways to choose your next restaurant. Whether you're celebrating a fancy anniversary or just looking for a cheap place to grab a burger, let these tips guide you towards a nice evening on the town.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Launching Ceremony of MYDIN's 60th Anniversary

Few days ago I took time out to attend the launch of MYDIN 60th Anniversary. I got know more about MYDIN on that day. Who would have imagined? The implication of World War 2 sufferings, fire incident at the first wooden shop, the struggle to get the loan for the first hypermarket, these are all complied to nostalgic memories of MYDIN throughout 60years of its journey. Malaysians witnesses the watching the Launching Ceremony MYDIN's 60th Anniversary, #MYDIN60Tahun which will be held with full of joy, proud as bless. For the first time ever, MYDIN organizes 60th anniversary with full support from sponsor partners to celebrate the triumph of MYDIN in retail and wholesale world which has been established for more than half a century. This launching ceremony is also cherished by the presence of the highest management of sponsor partners, suppliers, media, bloggers and Board of Directors of MYDIN.

The choronological story of MYDIN's business journey after post-World War II started with a wooden shop opened in Kota Bharu, Kelantan in 1957. After two decades, MYDIN's second shop was opened in Kuala Terengganu in 1979, and in 1987, MYDIN's third shop was opened in Jalan Masjid India. 2006 marked a tremendous year for MYDIN as it continued to grow the empire after the opening of the first hypermarket at USJ, Subang Jaya, Selangor Standing strong, MYDIN now has 322 branches in 10 different business formats.

"All praise to Allah, it has been six decades MYDIN serves Malaysians and Malaysia. Celebrating the anniversary which is the same anniversary with our beloved country, Malaysia, surely it is not something which is planned, but it is just a coincidence which has to be proud of especially by us, and the rest of MYDIN community. No doubt, since 1957, there have always been challenges and obstacles coming up, tears and joys, failures and success all the way through these 60 years. Indeed, these elements are all that make us more matured and passionate to strive for the mission of being one of the biggest and influential retail and wholesale organization with the best values, complete choice of items and continuous success based on MYDIN's own business formula. Dirgahayu MYDIN 60 Tahun!" Datuk Wira (Dr.) Haji Ameer Ali bin Mydin Managing Director, Mydin Mohamed Holdings Sdn Bhd.

On the launching ceremony, all 81 sponsors will be announced formally and mementors for them will be given by Datuk Wira (Dr.) Haji Ameer Ali Mydin, Managing Director of MYDIN. Sponsor partners of launching ceremony of MYDIN 60 Tahun comprises of Diamond sponsor partners, Platinum sponsor partners, Gold sponsor partners, Silver sponsor partners, Bronze sponsor partners, and supporting sponsor partners. The launching ceremony will also be enliven by two award-winning artists, Anuar Zain and Jaclyn Victor. On top of that, exclusive on the launching ceremony, MYDIN amd Iee Watch have collaborated to endorse a special edition watch as a token of appreciation for all sponsor partners in this meaningful launching ceremony.

There are various entertainment activities, great promotions, and exciting campaigns which will be executed in conjunction with MYDIN 60th anniversary for five months, such as a contest which selected 60 winners will be sent to perform Umrah, Sponsors Product Redemption Program (Nestle, P&G, BABAS and SAFI), RM6 promotion for renewal/registration of Kad Meriah membership, Radio Domination with Suria FM for one full day, Social media contest, Concert Suria JAM, Concert Hot FM, new product launching of sponsors partners and many more. Additionally, jaw-dropping as low as RM0.06 waits customers on the launching day, 17th August 2017.

In collaboration with The Star, the joy of MYDIN 60th anniversary is also prolonged to the selected 60 schools from all over Malaysia in conjunction with #RAISETHEFLAGMY campaign. On 18 August, 2017, 10,000 additional copies of The Star will be distributed to all students to instill the spirit of nationalism and awareness of the #RAISETHEFLAGMY campaign and National Day 2017. Datuk Wira (DR.) Haji Ameer Ali Mydin, Managing Director of MYDIN and Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai, Managing Director of The Star Media Group themselves will be on the ground on 18th August 2017 to give away origami Jalur Gemilang to all students.

Besides that, the launching of the ceremony will be listed in the Malaysia Book of Records for 'The Largest Jalur Gemilang Origami Circulation Nationwide (total : 465,000 Jalur Gemilang Origami) through The Star and Sinar Harian newspaper. All of these plans can be success implemented with synergies from all sponsors within five consecutive months. Not only that, as an appreciation of 60th anniversary of MYDIN, MYDIN will be having 'Majils Korban & Kenduri Kesyukuran' on 3rd September 2017 (12 Zulhijjah 1438H) in Kelantan.

Now don't just read here, don't forget to check on the MYDIN social media for the updates, activities and promotions of MYDIN. 

Check out the updates and activities on the MYDIN social media and website:

Friday, August 11, 2017

Giant LOL (Lock-On-Low) campaign until Dec 31, 2017

Busy parenting, I also took time off to attend the event held at Giant, Shah Alam. Just to share with you that the leading family hypermarket chain Giant has launched their LOL (Lock-On-Low) campaign to help Malaysian households better manage their budgets. Check out the video above which I have snap some photos at the event.You can also view the photos from my Facebook page album, click on the link to view it.

The initiative, by a retailer already synonymous with low prices, fresh products and great value, features 500 best- selling, everyday items offered at low "locked-in" or unchanged prices that are equal to or lower than those offered. The Giant LOL campaign will run until December 31, 2017 at 123 Giant stores in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

The Giant LOL campaign takes its cue to inspiration from the popular youthful expression "Laugh-Out-Loud or LOL" that is widely used among the younger generation in their texts and conversations to express amusement. Easily remembered, the Giant LOL campaign is also associated with Giant's low price offerings. 

Check out the retail chain with their newly-refurbished Baby World section at Giant. Available at all Giant stores nationwide and part of the LOL campaign, the new Baby World section offers busy parents a convenient "one-stop shop" to purchase all necessities for their children and drastically reduce their shopping time.

For more information can visit the website of Giant at

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Parking fee @Giant USJ August 2017

The parking fee will start from 1st August 2017 at Giant USJ. Customer will need to spend at least RM30 at any shop lot in the Giant USJ to enjoy the 3 hours free parking.

Monday to Friday:
7am to 12 am

7am to 1am

Sunday and Public Holiday: FREE Parking.

Just sharing this info with my friends and readers as know most of them would go there for weekly groceries shopping.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Antabax On-the-Go for A Cleaner, More Hygienic Ramadan & Hari Raya

Comprising of the terrific trio of pocket-sized Antabax Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes, Instant Hand Sanitizer and Hand Sanitizer Spray, the Antabax sanitizing range is perfect for quick yet thorough clean-ups as you navigate Ramadan and Hari Raya preparations.
Being mommy of two boys, I am always on the go. I am happy to have the Antabax on the go with me. It's important to take care of personal hygiene. Antabax, the number 1 Halal antibacterial personal care range[1] has got your on-the-go hygiene needs covered with its sanitizing range that you can take with you anytime, anywhere for cleansing, even without water. 

The Antabax sanitizing range is perfect for quick yet thorough clean-ups as you navigate Ramadan and Hari Raya preparations including the long and joyous journey back for Balik Kampung.

Comprising of the terrific trio of pocket-sized Antabax Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes, Instant Hand Sanitizer and Hand Sanitizer Spray, these handy cleansing essentials will see you through any situation that requires a quick, hygienic fix. Conveniently sized, they take up minimal space in handbags, backpacks, baby bags, pouches, first aid kits and cars.

The Antabax sanitizing range provides 24-hour protection and kills up to 99.9% of harmful germs. Formulated with skin vitamins and Aloe Vera to keep skin healthy and moisturized, its Derma Protect System contains Micro Moisture Serum to leave hands soft, smooth and healthy. Dermatologically tested to be gentle on delicate skin, the range is suitable for daily use.

All Antabax products are certified Halal, giving Muslims full confidence in using them.


Antabax Antibacterial Wipes are ideal for a quick clean-up when you don’t have access to soap and water, for example when you shop at a bazaar or the wet markets. Pack some for the balik kampung journey to tidy up the little ones, and yourself. Place some on the coffee table during Raya so that guests can clean their hands before they reach for cookies and cakes.

Use the Antabax Sanitizer Spray to spray shopping trolley handles, and handrails or handholds in buses or trains during your commute. It is especially useful to clean public toilet seats. Spray onto the toilet seat, wipe down with tissue and you are good to go.

The Antabax Gel Sanitizer works best when rubbed between hands and fingers as a thorough cleanse from germs, when soap and water are not available.

According to Ms. Mandy Lee, the Senior Brand Manager of Household & Personal Care department at Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, maintaining good health is closely linked to practising good personal hygiene. Simple and quick hygiene practises can make a big difference in reducing the risk of communicable diseases, especially those that are spread by unclean hands especially during festive seasons.

“During Ramadan and Hari Raya, we are interacting with more people than usual, with family and friends coming from all over Malaysia and overseas.  It is good to be vigilant and practice good hygiene as a preventive measure, and keeping clean for peace of mind,” said Ms. Lee.

The Antabax sanitizing range is available in leading pharmacies and retailers nationwide including Guardian, Watsons, AEON and many more.


Antabax Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes (3 X 10pcs)
Suggested Retail Price:
RM 4.80
Antabax Hand Sanitizer Spray 50ml
Suggested Retail Price:
RM 4.80

Antabax Instant Hand Sanitizer 50ml
Suggested Retail Price:
RM 4.20
To be part of the Antabax community and to follow the best hygiene tips for a healthier and confident lifestyle, kindly “Like” Antabax at and @Antabax on Instagram.

Friday, June 16, 2017


15 June was Thursday, it's where I send Sean to tuition before heading to MYDIN Mall at USJ, Subang Jaya. As usual in conjunction with the season of Syawal, MYDIN offers promotion of Ramadan and Syawal to meet every need required by customers to celebrate Hari Raya.


Ramadan Promotion began on 11th May until 4 June 2017 while Syawal promotion began on 8th June until 2nd July 2017. There are various promotions being offered with special affordable prices such as variety selections of dates, cookies, ornaments and Raya decorations, baju kurung, baju Melayu, samping, kurta, tunics, scarves, brooches and more. Get fashion collection of MYDIN at as low as RM29.90 for baju kurng, RM49.90 for baju Melayu, RM29.90 for men's Raya jubah and RM39.90 for ladies' Raya jubah. All collecions are also being advertised in magazines namely Nona, Keluarga, Wanita, Maskulin and Hijabista.
During this whole month of Ramadan, MYDIN provides Bazar Ramadan selling diverse kinds of foods, drinks and confectionery. Through MYDIN official social networking sites. MYDIN shares recipes for breaking fast meals, reminders and more to liven up this blessed month. MYDIN also offers wholesales prices for charity shopping sponsored by private individuals, governments agencies and non-government agencies as the preparation of Syawal for the less fortunate or underprivileged and disadvantaged groups. They are Lembaga Zakat Selangor, Triplc Berhand, AmBank, PUSPANITA, Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia, UNIRAZAK, Mazda Lentis, Majlis Agama Islam Selangor, Fomema and more. 
For Syawal promotion this year, MYDIN highlights baju kurung collections and digital printed jubah worth a minimum price of RM79.90 and special kurta collection by Aiman Tino called #QurtaUnivercity with its special price at only RM79.90. You can only find this price at MYDIN, the joyful arrival of Syawal is also fueled by the promotion of "Purchase with Purchase" with
Procter & Gamble (P&G). This campaign encourage customers to shop with the idea of buying six selected MYDIN items and getting six selected P&G items with an attractive discounts.
Buy Bath towel worth RM18 and above in a single receipt, get RM6 discount for Oral-B Mouth Rinse Pek 3'.

Buy 2 sets of Royal Supreme or Sutera facial tissues in a single receipt, get 1 Ambi Pur Instantmatic Starter Pack at RM16.

Buy 2 unites of balang kuih raya in a single receipt, get 2 bottles of Joy dishwashing liquid at RM7.

Buy Mikayla scarfs/2 Wadimor Songkok in a single receipt, get 1 bottle of Rejoice Shampoo 340ml at RM6.

Buy 1 set of men's baju Melayu worth RM49.90 and above in a single receipt, get 1 bottle of Dynamo 2.7kg/3kg at RM16.

Buy 1 curtain set worth RM50 and above in a single receipt, get 1 bottle of Febreze 370 at RM5. 

By the way for contest fans, do listen up. Ambi Pur Raya contest from 15 May to 15 July 2017. 5 shoppers stand a chance to win a brand new Perodua Bezza! All they need to do is
  • purchase 2 products of Ambi Pur or Febreze in 1 receipt from any MYDIN store
  • finish this slogan: Saya suka balik kampung dengan produk AmbiPur kerana .... (in not more than 20 words)
  • send a photo of the receipt together with your Name, IC number and slogan to +60163361301

It's that easy! Balik kampung with Ambi Pur - the no.1 air care brand in Malaysia!

In conjunction of 30th anniversary of P&G in Malaysia, 'Daripada Ibu Kepada Ibu' takes place from 15th of May until 30th June at 50 participating outlets of all major retail stores (Giant, Tesco, MYDIN and AEON) throughout the country. Customer who purchase RM30 or more worth of P&G products will be entitled to receive a 'Beg Hati'. They are then encouraged to fill that bag r any other bag with non-perishable items such as canned or fried food, cooking oil or detergent and drop them off at collection boxes placed at the selected participating outlets. Food Aid Foundation will collect the items at the end of the campaign and distribute them to single mothers across Malaysia. 

The collection boxes are available at 8 Mydin stores all over Malaysia:
  • USJ Subang Jaya
  • Meru Raya, Ipoh, Perak
  • Sg Petani, Kedah
  • Kubang Kerian, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
  • Ayer Keroh Melaka
  • Alor Gajah Melaka
  • Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan
  • Bukit Merjatam, Penang

Beside viewing the video above you can also see the Facebook album, click on the link to view.

Follow social networking of MYDIN for updates, activities and promotions.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Emoozi Photo Booth promotion

 It's June now and there's so much you can on another half of the year 2017. How about checkout the mid-year promotion of Emoozi? Anyone is having a party soon or anniversary or celebration?

How does it works? If the person is celebrating 82 years old, he will be enjoy 82% off of the photo booth package. How about wedding anniversary of 50 years, then the couple will enjoy 50% off of the photo package. Don't hesitate to contact the person in charge for more details, scroll down to find out.  

 A complete photobooth package you can find at Emoozi. Just check out the youtube above to see it for yourself. Capture the precious moments with loved ones and even your best friends.

It's so fun to get instant photo printing at the events. I have friend just recently get married and having their wedding photo with friends taken on spot. Such a memorial gift for loved ones. Photos printing ready for collection at the same day at the venue.

Special to my blog followers to enjoy 30% discount with term and conditions apply.
The code: [EMOOSH0617]
Now it's not just for special occasions, it can also be for corporate and private events.

For more details do give them a call: 
Ricky 012-676 5566 or YiDing 018- 6146276 
You can also email :

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Australian fruits and vegetables #NowInSeasonMy #AussieGrapes

Australian grapes and vegetables
 Daily mom's work will be thinking of what to cook for family meal. That's healthy and good for everyone, balance the life of living as we are in living in the busy city. Delicious Aussie grapes that you can't take your hands off.

Australian Fruits and Vegetables are in season now from April till June 2017, now you know where to get it from at Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, Aeon and Isetan KLCC!
stir-fry vegetables with king oyster mushroom
Some of my friends are Vegetarian on Friday. Above is vegetarian meal, simple easy to cook with Australian vegetables namely brocolli, carrots, and bought from the market is the king oyster mushroom. Just a bowl of rice to enjoy this healthy meal with family members.

Veggycation loving the health benefits 
  • healthy brain
  • healthy skin
  • energy
  • healthy immunity
  • hydration
  • healthy eyes
  • healthy bones
  • healthy heart
  • healthy digestion
A diet containing an increased amount of both fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. There is nutrients in vegetables
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Folate
  • Niacin
  • Thiamine
Minerals, Water, Fibre, and Phytonutrients.

If you like to know more can about the nutritional content of your favorite vegetables check out at

Hints and tips: Eat raw to enjoy most health benefits. If cooking steam for maximum of 3 mins or stir-fry for best flavour, texture and health benefits. Just like the above you see the vegetables meal which is stir-fry.