Friday, February 9, 2018

Kotori – The Ultimate Homemade Bakery

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Kotori’?

A feminine Japanese given name or a famed manga artist of Pink Innocent, Kotori Momoyuki? Now, the name brings another new meaning (especially to your taste buds) with the introduction of Kotori Home Bakery!

Kotori was born out of a natural love of baking and passion for how the simple act of eating dessert makes people feel. Its story originated in a home kitchen by founder Elaine Tan, who took great pleasure from providing happiness to family and friends through her food.

The heart and soul of Kotori is in the finest quality of ingredients, hand-picked and chosen by Elaine, to ensure every cake and cookie meets the demand of your taste buds.

Every creation produced by Kotori is lovingly hand made to perfection, with great pride taken from the process of preparation to packaging of each homemade dessert.
Kotori uses a combination of traditional and modern secret recipes (and a touch of warm love), every creation is made from scratch daily, without added preservatives which enhances freshness – a true quality of Kotori.

Kotori upholds its aim in delivering an extensive range of the freshest and finest quality of chiffon, cakes, mousse cake, birthday cakes, cupcakes and cookies for any occasions and for any palate. Kotori also welcomes creative ideas and special requests for bespoke bakery.

Kotori is ready to receive your order.
For more information, please email Elaine Tan at or contact her at 012.662.3253 if you have any inquiries.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


It is not easy to maintain hair care especially I am busy mom, in and out always for fetching kids. If you often go to salon I am sure you know it is always a challenge to maintain hair care post salon treatment, but now Watsons customers can rejoice in achieving hair salon quality hair with Watson’s new Hair System by Watsons, a professional salon hair care range. Designed for the modern woman, with a busy hectic lifestyle, the hair care range is safe to us e, as its ingredients are free of harming chemicals such as paraben, mineral oil, colourants and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). In addition, Hair System by Watsons features a range of products engineered with advanced technology fueled by ingredients hand selected by Watson’s hair experts. While every hair type and needs are catered for delivering salon-quality results with every use.

Whether if it is for hair that is dry or damaged, weak/fragile hair, frizzy or dull hair issues, the hair care range provides a solution to every need, and at the same time introduces its ultimate hair oil which caters to all hair types. For on-the-spot grey hair coverage, the Hair Mascara offers the perfect solution to conceal temporary grey hair.

Careful research and analysis have been done to develop the formulation of this unique hair care range which is priced affordably between RM 21.90 to RM 27.90, yet delivering quality salon hair care results to our customers.
Hair System by Watsons has a patented technology formula that effectively strengthens the surface of the hair fiber while preventing hair loss, allowing the hair to return to elasticity and easier to care.

Each formulation of shampoo and conditioners catering to the different hair care needs contains three active ingredients. We have also formulated the ultimate hair oil, which consists of eight top natural plant oils, catering for all hair types, to give the elasticity it needs. A convenient way to cover up grey hair in between hair colouring is the Hair Mascara, which works as a quick cover up to grey roots and easy to use and carry around. 

Busy parenting I seldom have time to go salon, glad to find that I have a pampering day with Hair System by Watsons and the products are suitable for my coarse hair. Now I also have this Hair System Damage Repair which is suitable for me to use at home. Salon Quality Hair Care At Home!

Damage Repair for dry/damaged hair
This formulation which contains the cortex filler system helps to repair damaged hair by 90% in one wash. The Damage Repair Shampoo and Conditioner range cleanses and nourishes the hair and scalp while sealing in moisture to repair and rescue damaged hair and split ends.

Strengthen & Protect for weak/fragile hair
This formulation which contains a bonding cement complex helps to reduce hair breakage by 90% in three washes. 

The Strengthen & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner range cleanses and rebalances the hair and scalp for stronger and more manageable hair, yet providing a smoothing and nourishing effect to make detangling easier.

Keratin Silk for frizzy/dull hair
This formulation which contains the keracare complex helps improve shine by 90% in one wash. 

The Keratin Silk Shampoo and Conditioner range cleanses the hair and nourishes the scalp while rebalancing moisture for smooth, shiny hair. While it also protects against heat and prevents split ends.

Ultimate Hair Oil for all hair types
Comprising of eight natural plant oils complex, the Ultimate Hair Oil is suitable for all hair types and recovers hair elasticity by 99%. The Tsubaki oil seals split ends, Olive Oil protects the scalp against excessive heat and dryness, Argan oil for intensive nourishing, Macadamia oil to moisturize the hair and scalp, Avocado oil to replenish hair with vitamins, Manula oil to enhance hair smoothness, Sunflower oil smoothens out frizzy hair and Coconut oil to strengthen the hair shaft.

Hair Mascara
Specially formulated with Absolute Conceal ingredients to cover grey hair in a flash. It is also enriched with Tri-K Repairing Complex plus Pro Vitamin B5 for an all-rounded colour treatment to reveal healthy and energetic looking hair. It has a quick dry formula and easy to use.
Just sharing with you this is suitable for my coarse hair, the Damage Repair for dry/damaged hair. I also used the Ultimate hair oil and hair mascara for cover grey hair of mine.

Hair System by Watsons is available exclusively at all Watsons stores nationwide & Watsons Online Store, This can be a nice gift for loved ones.